Electronic Waste Solutions

AIT has long been dedicated to delivering the highest level of Electronic Waste Solutions compared to any other company. With over 20+ Years of experience, we have dedicated our time to the massive E-waste problems and helping solve them.

Computer Recycling

Business Computer Recycling

  • Safely Recycle all Computer E-Waste.

  • Your Data Destroyed Every Time.

  • Reselling Computers.

  • Laptop Recycling.

E-Waste Recycled with No Compromise.

  • Easy and Seamless Removal From Offices

  • Corporate Cleanout.

  • E- Waste Collection and Removal Services.

  • Safe and Secure Everytime.

Data Destruction

When your data is in Question Trust a Firm With Years of Experience to Keep your Data Safe.

  • Hard Drive Shredding.

  • Shredding Computer Drives.

  • Dispose of Your Data Securely and Responsibly.

  • EMP Blast Leaves all Data Disappear and Unretrieavable.

Mobile Device & Tablet Recycling

Mobile Devices are discarded at an extremely high rate. When Recycling these Devices look no Further than AIT.

  • Data Destructed using an EMP Blast leaving all your data rendered useless.

  • Highest Return on Used Company Tablets.

  • 20 Years of Experience E-Waste Recycling,

  • No Compromise – E Waste Recycling.

Lab & Test Equipment Recycling

AIT Offers a focused Recycling Service which is dedicated to the collection and recycling of laboratory electronics and machinery.

  • Disposal of Research Hardware.

  • Recycling for Pharmaceuticals.

  • Recycling Test Machinery.

  • Secure IT Hardware Disposal.

ITAD Services

AIT is a proud provider of End to End Legally compliant Information Technology Asset Disposition Services. We Recycle your Decommisoned, failed, or retired computer hardware and infrastructure.

  • Safety and Security is our First Approach.

  • Remarketing IT Assets at the highest return.

  • ITAD Removal Service.

  • Enterprise ITAD Services.


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