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What is E-Waste?

E-waste refers to electronics that are broken, old or unused. E-waste can include computers, monitors, servers, battery backups, hard drives and routers.

Check out our general guidelines for what e-waste is below.

Acceptable E-waste

What is ITAD?

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), is the next step to take after upgrading or needing to remove broken or out-of-use electronics. At the heart of ITAD is a sustainable process of repurposing, repairing and recycling e-waste.

AIT offers complete, end-to-end ITAD services including:

  • Electronics Recycling Pickups/Mail-Ins/Drop-Offs
  • Data Destruction options exceeding NIST 800-88 and DoD 5220.22-M standards
  • Asset Management/Tracking/Secure Chain of Custody
  • Certificate of recycling and certificate destruction (CoD) with e-waste report
Services AIT provides including electronics recycling pickups, drop-offs, mail-ins, data destruction and asset management services, secure chain of custody, certificates of recycling and destruction and an e-waste recycling report.

Consolidating all of your tech recycling, data destruction and asset management needs in one place is an efficient way to handle large amounts of e-waste or e-waste from multiple locations.

AIT can provide pick-ups to your business location, or you can mail-in or drop-off the e-waste to our facilities after contacting us. Any data storage devices included in an e-waste recycling job will always be destroyed exceeding NIST 800-88 and DoD 5220.22-M standards. We provide different layers of data destruction which you can choose from when filling out our form.

We pride ourselves on our organized logistics and will go above and beyond to ensure that your data is secure. We can have provided clients with various different methods of chain-of-custody security.

A logistics coordinator stands near a truck.

Chain of custody goes hand-in-hand with efficient asset management and device tracking methods. All serial numbers assigned to devices in our e-waste recycling pickups will be included on your Certificate of Destruction (CoD) or in your e-waste recycling report.

AIT will always provide you with certificates of recycling and destruction (if data is destroyed,) as well as an e-waste report that details all recycled materials and their weights. We can even provide customized reporting by request.

Ready to get started? Let us know a little bit about you and the scope of your e-waste below. We will get back to you shortly!

Why Recycle E-Waste?

There are plenty of reasons to recycle your electronics! Recycling your old, unwanted or broken electronics will prevent toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury from ending up in a landfill and leaking into soil.

Additionally, recycling your e-waste can prevent legal fines since e-waste legislation has been enacted in 25 states. Recycling your e-waste also encourages innovation by allowing materials such as PCR plastics, copper, glass and aluminum to be repurposed in newly created electronics.

Recycling e-waste creates innovation. An image of an open laptop rotated 90 degrees left is shown over a dark blue backdrop. The screen is glowing and above the screen is a glowing recycling logo. Recycling your e-waste means that materials such as glass, copper, PCR plastics and aluminum can be used in new electronics, contributing to sustainable innovation.

Nearly 1 in 10 data breaches are caused by a physical security compromise. It is crucial to destroy your data to ensure that it can never be mishandled. Recycling your e-waste with a complete end-to-end recycler will ensure that any data devices are completely destroyed with a shredder, rendering any data on data storage devices as irretrievable.

AIT is a nationwide complete end-to-end recycler offering different data destruction methods depending on the needs of your industry and team. With each e-waste recycling pickup, you can rest assured that any data included will be irretrievably destroyed.

Complete Lifecycle Electronics Recycling

No matter the life stage of the e-waste, AIT has a solution. The difference between standard electronics recycling centers and drop off locations and complete ITAD lifecycle recyclers is mainly about the ability to separate materials carefully, destroy any accompanying data, and repair and even resell e-waste, creating value for your company.

Owning a business, it is especially important to establish electronics recycling services on a regular basis depending on which e-waste recycling laws may apply to your location.

An image of a business woman holding a smartphone. Dollar signs glow and float up from the screen.

AIT’s recycling facilities include an in-house ITAD department with years of experience in assessing ITAD for value. If you’re not sure if your ITAD has value, please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss any IT asset disposition needs. If e-waste has no value, it is appropriately sorted and recycled by material type.

AIT’s ITAD Process

You call, we pickup!

We understand that your electronics recycling pickup may have a deadline. This is why AIT prides itself on its prompt and straightforward pickup process.

Once you contact us, our support team will get back to you shortly. If you cannot wait, you can reach out to us at 877-552-4826. we will provide you with an intake form to give us some more information about the e-waste amount, location and any building requirements.

Once filled out and sent back to us, we will send over your quote and proceed with scheduling your pickup. Check out a broader view of our ITAD process below!

AIT's ITAD Process: 1. Contact us 2. Receive quote 3. E-waste is picked up 4. Certificates and e-waste report are sent over to you
  1. Contact us and we will send over an intake form.
  2. We will send over a formal quote in PDF format once you fill out and send the form.
  3. Pickup can be scheduled once the formal quote is approved and a date is scheduled.
  4. Certificates, your e-waste report, and an invoice will be issued upon processing.

Let us know the scope of your e-waste project. Whether you have multiple nationwide locations or one location, we’ve got you covered!

Tracking Your Impact

Certificates and Sustainability Snapshot
(E-Waste Report)

AIT will provide you with detailed reporting upon completion of every electronics recycling pickup.

This includes:

  • Certificate of Recycling
  • Certificate of Destruction (CoD) if data is destroyed
  • E-Waste Recycling Report

All of AIT’s certificates include your sustainability snapshot (weight in pounds that you have recycled,) the date a recycling pickup was completed, how much weight was recycled and a description of services. Keeping tally of your sustainability snapshot can be a great way to inform customers of your choice to contribute to a sustainable e-waste cycle.

AIT's Certificate of Destruction
AIT's Certificate of Recycling

Our certificates of destruction (CoD) are provided if any data is destroyed. The information on our CoDs include the date a job was completed, how many devices were destroyed, and the manner by which they were destroyed.

Our e-waste recycling report is your in-depth look at all materials that you have recycled by material type and weight. Take a look at some examples of our reporting below!

AIT's E-waste Report
AIT's E-Waste Report Page 2: Asset Serialization

AIT can also provide custom reporting by request.

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How to Recycle your E-Waste With AIT Electronics Recycling

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