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AIT has helped Companies recycle over 4.2 MILLION pounds of E-Waste

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AIT helps guide all company verticals in properly facilitating all forms of electronic disposal.

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AIT is a long standing I-Sigma member ensuring that we utilize the most up to date practices for ensuring recycling safety and effectiveness.

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AIT and its team has the experience to assist you whether it is a one time office clean out or a nationwide program. Our Success comes from developing a clear understanding of our clients needs while providing solutions for electronic recycling and data destruction. At our core we drive sustainability efforts with a focus on data security.

E – Waste Recycling

Discover sustainable solutions for E-Waste recycling to safeguard the environment and promote responsible electronic disposal practices.

Revive. Reclaim. Recycle.

Data Destruction

Safeguard your sensitive information with industry-leading data destruction services, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for your business.

Erase. Dispose. Destroy: Data Done Right.

ITAD and Asset Recovery

Explore efficient ITAD and asset recovery services tailored to maximize resource utilization and minimize electronic waste, fostering sustainable business practices.

ITAD Excellence: Secured Data Destruction.

Computer Recycling

Explore eco-friendly options for computer recycling to efficiently dispose of electronic waste and reduce environmental impact.

Revive, Recycle, Renew

IT Hardware & Server Recycling

Explore efficient IT hardware and server recycling services to responsibly manage electronic waste and minimize environmental impact.

Sustainable Server & Hardware Recycling

Lab & Test Equipment Recycling

Explore efficient Lab & Test Equipment Recycling services to responsibly manage electronic waste and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

Sustainable Test Equipment Recycling

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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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