What Makes AIT Different is Our Attention to Detail.

AIT has been a proud electronic recycling company and data destruction company serving a variety of satisfied clients for over 20+ Years. Allow us to leverage our years of experience and provide the highest value service possible. AIT has a proven record of safely and effectively recycling E-Waste from small scale business pickups to universities and government clients.

Priority on Safety and Data Security
Priority on Abiding by a No-Lanfill Policy
Priority on a Seamless Experience

What We Do.

Data Destruction

AIT electronics processing facility in New Jersey has the distinct industry designation of abiding by all HIPAA requirements and following R2 Responsible Recycling Guidelines, as well as NIST 800-80 and NAID Data Destruction procedures.

Electronic Waste Recycling

Along with destroying your personal data, AIT also recycles all other E-Waste. With a NO-Landfill policy we assure that your waste is securely and safely recycled. Relax while we pickup, transport, and handle your electronic recycling

ITAD Services

AIT offers a legally compliant, environmentally friendly, and data secure method for decommissioning old, failed, or retired computer hardware and IT infrastructure. With over 20 years experience trust AIT to deliver the highest level of security and seamlessness in secure E waste

Companies That Have Trusted AIT

Pounds Of Electronic Waste We have sent to Landfill
Pounds of Electronic Waste We have Recycled

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