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AIT and its team has the experience to assist you whether it is a one time office clean out or a nationwide program. Our Success comes from developing a clear understanding of our clients needs while providing solutions for electronic recycling and data destruction. At our core we drive sustainability efforts with a focus on data security.

E – Waste Recycling

Discover sustainable solutions for E-Waste recycling to safeguard the environment and promote responsible electronic disposal practices.

Revive. Reclaim. Recycle.

Data Destruction

Safeguard your sensitive information with industry-leading data destruction services, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for your business.

Erase. Dispose. Destroy: Data Done Right.

ITAD and Asset Recovery

Explore efficient ITAD and asset recovery services tailored to maximize resource utilization and minimize electronic waste, fostering sustainable business practices.

ITAD Excellence: Secured Data Destruction.

Computer Recycling

Explore eco-friendly options for computer recycling to efficiently dispose of electronic waste and reduce environmental impact.

Revive, Recycle, Renew

IT Hardware & Server Recycling

Explore efficient IT hardware and server recycling services to responsibly manage electronic waste and minimize environmental impact.

Sustainable Server & Hardware Recycling

Lab & Test Equipment Recycling

Explore efficient Lab & Test Equipment Recycling services to responsibly manage electronic waste and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

Sustainable Test Equipment Recycling

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

its’ not about business,
it’s about ‘YOU’!

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Pounds of E-Waste Recycled
Clients Nationwide
Pounds of E-Waste Sent to Landfills

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

the approach we follow

Full Funnel Approach we take care of everything needed to properly dispose of your Electronic Recycling Needs.

submit Inquiry

Once Inquiry is submitted, our team will assess what is needed and provide a detailed plan of pickup and destruction or recycling. We will then provide your team our plan, and coordinate on timing.

Pickup and Communication

Our team at AIT will contact you in advance to remind your team that we will be at the location on the specified date. After pickup we can provide you with certificates of destruction insuring that your technology was recycled and destroyed effectively.

Ensuring Satisfaction

We want to make the experience as seamless as possible, and always strive to make working with AIT as enjoyable as possible. We follow up to make sure everything needed was provided.

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