An immense amount of information is circulating on the Internet every single day. No wonder it is impossible to control it. The same applies to the data that is stored on hard drives. When it comes to wiping those files, security issues often arise because it’s no longer enough to press a delete button. E-waste recycling is the only reasonable solution to minimize data breach risks and prevent identity theft. AIT is here to provide you with this solution.

AIT is a commercial electronic recycling company specializing in next-level electronic disposal services. We take pride in having more than 20 years of experience helping businesses protect their assets by ensuring data security.

Our Mission

To Help Build a more sustainable Environment and protect our Clients.

Augmented IT electronics processing facility In New Jersey has the distinct industry designation of abiding by all HIPAA requirements and following R2 Responsible Recycling Guidelines, as well as NIST 800-80 and NAID Data Destruction procedures.

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Our Values.

AIT has long been dedicated to delivering the highest level of Electronic recycling compared to any company on the East Coast. With over 20+ Years of experience, we have dedicated our time to the massive E-waste problems and helping solve them.

Data Destruction

Trust AIT Trained Professionals to always make sure your data is secured.

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You can count on AIT to always Recycle with Integrity. We are up to date on all the legislations and make sure that everything we do helps create a greener earth.


With over 20+ Years of experience you can trust AIT to deliver the industry standard. We go above and beyond any of our competitors.

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