Advanced Recovery Fee (ARF)

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An Advanced Recovery Fee (ARF) is a charge added to the price of electronic products by state legislation in order to encourage recycling when these items become broken, unused or out-of-date. It was made to cover all recycling costs including collection, transportation and processing of e-waste in efforts to promote recycling of electronics instead of regular disposal.

How Do Advanced Recovery Fees Work?

The Recycling Partnership found that 76% of recyclable materials in households are thrown away in the trash — that’s a lot! When buying electronics in states where an ARF applies, a fee is implemented on purchases. This fee acts as a retainer for when the product is returned to the manufacturer for recycling. The e-waste is then redirected and recycled accordingly and the advanced recovery fee will be refunded to you.

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Is ARF Efficient For Increasing Sustainability?

Yes. Advanced recovery fees takes a percentage of the purchase price of your electronics, which is later refunded when you proceed to return your electronics to be recycled with that manufacturer. ARF is an efficient way for state legislators to encourage proper recycling of e-waste by both manufacturers and consumers.

A thumbs up, a calendar and clock, and a recycling logo in the shape of a heart are overlaid atop an illustrated sky and forest background. ARF reduces pollution, extends landfill lifetimes, and results in higher recycling rates.

Which Manufacturers Have ARF In Place?

Manufacturers do not directly impose ARFs; instead, these fees are mandated by state legislation.

Where are Advanced Recovery Fees Mandated?

US Map of E-Waste Legislation

Currently, ARF is implemented in California, where consumers pay a fee at the time of purchasing electronics like TVs and computer monitors. The fee varies based on the screen size and is intended to fund the recycling of these devices once they are no longer in use.

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