Businesses are becoming aware of the benefits offered by professional shredding services, including security, ecologically responsible disposal, and compliance with the Data Protection Act. Here are a few of the many advantages hiring a reputable paper shredding firm might provide your organization.

About Our Tape Shredding Services

Companies that use magnetic tape media to store private information will especially require tape shredding services when it is time to dispose of outdated cartridges. Magnetic tapes need to be properly destroyed in order to reduce security threats for your company, your customers, and your clients. Professional tape destruction should be carried out by a company with experience in data sanitization and that satisfies or exceeds various legal and safety criteria. This is where we can offer our tape shredding services.

Advantages of Profession Tape Shredding Services

When non-professionals attempt tape shredding on their own, they open themselves up to a whole host of risk factors that can compromise security, brand image, and even lead to them incurring fines. There are various risks during the process, including the chance of your company falling victim to data breaches, or the destruction process being incomplete and possibly leaving the data in the wrong hands. Under the Data Protection Act, companies who neglect to implement secure information handling procedures to prevent data breaches may be subject to heavy penalties. The safest and simplest approach to prevent ID theft is to have your records destroyed on-site by a trustworthy shredding service.

85% of breaches are thought to be caused by internal office data leaks. To avoid this, you should put internal document management policies into place and train your staff on them. If you utilize an office shredder, the papers and files might begin to accumulate, providing opportunity seekers time to take advantage of your vulnerable data tapes. Thanks to expert tape shredding services, businesses can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information can’t be recovered.

Destroying data can be more complicated than most laymen think, which is why companies are always encouraged to rely on professional tape shredding services from experts. When your data tapes are designated for destruction and removed from storage, you don’t want them to be kept in the workplace for long. Professional tape shredding services incorporate the use of industrial-grade equipment, ensuring that your data tapes are shredded into small pieces beyond repair, making it impossible for anyone to recover your company’s sensitive information.

An expert shredding service could prove to be more cost-effective and helpful for your company. By relieving your team of internal management of the process, it could help you preserve sensitive data while enabling them to work more productively.

Why Choose Tape Shredding Services from AIT?

We provide best-in-class tape and data destruction services that are nationally renowned. We can even come to your place of business to destroy the LTO and DLT tapes as part of our flexible, affordable service offers thanks to our fleet of mobile shredding vehicles.

Your tape cartridges are completely destroyed by our modern tape shredding machines, which shred the media into countless tiny pieces. Any data that was previously saved on the magnetic tapes cannot be recovered. The best thing is that, regardless of brand or model, we can shred any recorded tape media cartridge. Using our services, you may also shred other kinds of electronic devices, like CDs, PDAs, flash drives, and more.

Next, we provide safe and affordable services for the destruction of magnetic tapes, including on-site and off-site recycling and shredding, documented destruction procedures, serial number reporting, video capture, asset tag removal, e-waste recycling and disposal, chain of custody documentation, safe real-time asset tracking and logistics, and cutting-edge secure facilities.

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