With the emergence of data protection laws that require businesses to erase data in line with strict standards, data destruction is a rising industrial necessity that is becoming more urgent. Any “compliant” media sanitization process must meet the requirement of “permanent data annihilation” as a precondition or qualifying factor. One such method of erasing data is degaussing, which works by demagnetizing magnetic storage devices like hard drives and cassettes.

About Our Hard Drive Degaussing Services

Through the application of strong electromagnets, degaussing is the process of making a hard disk entirely unreadable. The hard disk cannot be given, sold, or used again after being degaussed. Hard drive degaussing services are frequently a component of complete plans for businesses to delete recorded data, including health records, financial data, and other delicate or private information. After the drives have been degaussed, they are frequently physically destroyed, or shredded to completely eliminate any risks of data breaches.

One of your top priorities should be protecting the privacy of your clients or partners. Failure to do so may lead to moral and legal problems. Fortunately, hard drive degaussing services from AIT can be useful.

Advantages of Professional Hard Drive Degaussing Services

Hard drive degaussing is particularly useful for companies that need to erase data. Therefore, if your business is switching to new computers, a degausser may be a great method to ensure that every hard drive from the previous PCs is totally cleaned. Utilizing a professional hard drive degaussing service makes assuring safety easy when there are more than a few hundred computers present.

Furthermore, the use of a degausser would free up the work of your IT personnel and save the time and cost your firm spends on data security.

If your business or organization must maintain FACTA, HIPAA, or SOC Compliance, making use of such a service will be useful. Degaussers are the technique of choice for data destruction over all others since they can always be used to successfully remove a hard drive. Other data sanitization techniques, such as software that overwrites data, do not guarantee complete data sanitization.

Degaussing is basically a demagnetizing technique to wipe data from a hard drive or data tape, using a powerful magnetic field. Therefore, for guaranteed security, many companies opt to rely on both degaussers to ensure the complete removal of their data, and physical destruction of their hard drives into an inoperable condition.

Why Choose Hard Drive Degaussing Services from AIT?

At AIT, we heavily invest in state-of-the-art and powerful machinery for recycling. We always choose the best and never ever compromise where your security is concerned. In the same vein, our team of experts dedicate their time and effort to ensuring that all of your data is destroyed properly.

The same care is accorded to the environment. Our services abide by HIPAA standards and R2 Responsible Recycling Guidelines. Therefore, when you choose AIT, you can be sure that you are choosing a recycling partner that is dedicated to being as environmentally-friendly as possible.

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