Recycling Process

AIT has long been dedicated to delivering the highest level of Electronic recycling compared to any other company. With over 20+ Years of experience, we have dedicated our time to the massive E-waste problems and helping solve them. Below is how we proceed with the recycling process.

1) Removal

Our trained technicians will assist you with the deinstallation of your equipment. We manage the complete process with utmost care for your equipment.

2) Next-Day Pickup

We will transport your excess equipment to our nearest facilities.

3) Custodial Responsibility

All documentation related to your assets is handled through our chain of custody process to provide you with total reporting transparency.

Data security is a top priority. We apply the Department of Defense Data Wipe process (D.O.D.5220.22M) to all hard drives and perform shredding operations for media such as DVD’s, CD’s and Tapes. With all data wipe processes we supply our clients with a Data Destruction Certificate for their records.

5) Revenue Share

When you rely on us for our ITAD services, we utilize our comprehensive domestic and international vendor network to ensure we obtain the best price for your equipment.

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What we Recycle

Your never limited to what E-Waste you can recycle With AIT. Below are some of the items we recycle.

  • Desktops PCs, Computers

  • Servers/Server Racks

  • Laptops
  • Routers, Network Switches

  • Cell Phones

  • Photocopiers, Scanners

  • Phone Systems

  • Inkjet & Laser Printers