FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) into Electronic Recycling and for all inquiries into AIT and what we do.

How much does E-Waste Recycling Cost?

There are three primary costs involved with E-Waste Recycling. Cost of Collection, Cost of De-manufacturing and recycling, and lastly the cost of shredding. Some items may be free to recycle if you have any questions please call: (877) 552-4826

What is E-Waste?

Anything with a circuit board. Computers, keyboard, mouse, printers, scanners, phones, laptops, copiers, servers..etc If you have any questions please call (877) 552-4826

Are Individuals in a company liable for E-Waste Recycling?

If a company does not recycle E-Waste properly, the company is often times prosecuted. There have been both companies as well as employees who have been fined for not properly discarding of E-Waste. Don’t take the risk and partner with AIT to provide End-to-End recycling service for your firm.

How do we delete files permanently?

Augmented IT electronics processing facility In New Jersey has the distinct industry designation of abiding by all HIPAA requirements and following R2 Responsible Recycling Guidelines, as well as NIST 800-80 and NAID Data Destruction procedures.

What is R2:2013?

R2 is an accreditation developed by a multi-stakeholder group, SERI, in an attempt to establish the standards for ethical and sustainable recycling internationally. AIT abides by all R2 requirements and is happy to help build a more sustainable world.

Where are your Headquarters Based?

901 Joyce Kilmer Ave.

North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Do you only Recycle from Businesses?

AIT has specialized in large corporation cleanouts for over 20+ Years. We also provide recycling services to residents who want to drop off any equipment. If you don’t want to drop off your equipment take a look at theEbin.com for our sister company for all your personal recycling needs.

What areas do we Collect from?

AIT offers their services to New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania , Connecticut, and Boston. We also offer our service to other surrounding areas if you have any questions please call: (877) 552-4826


What are the current Laws On E-Waste Disposal?

It is illegal to dispose of E-Waste in a majority of states in the United States. To properly discard of E-Waste look no further than AIT to deliver exemplary service.

What is the 0 Landfill policy?

We proud ourselves on our 0 landfill policy. AIT is dedicated in properly discarding of all your E-Waste. With over 20+ Years we have experience properly discarding of all waste and helping to product a greener world.

What is NAID ?

NAID stands for National Association for Information Destruction. NAID sets the standard for the information destruction industry. We are happy to report that AIT offers data destruction services to its clients as a member of NAID.

Does AIT conduct On-Site or outsourced Recycling?

AIT Offers both On-site and Offsite recycling services. Our trained professionals de-manufacture and dissemble all of your equipment. Never settle when recycling your waste. Trust trained professionals.

What is the Inventory Management Process?

AIT can provide itemized list of all equipment received at our facility at request. Our trained professionals create a inventory list with all the significant aspects of your equipment.

Do you Offer Corporate Cleanouts for Furniture ?

We also offer removal of old office furniture, server cabinets, cables, lighting, telephone systems, scrap metals, plastics, and much much more. If you have any questions feel free to call us to discuss your needs at

(877) 552-4826

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