CyrusOne and AIT Collaborate for America Recycles Day on November 15th !

America Recycles day began one hot day in Texas, where AIT’s flagship facility stands. Two employees for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Kevin Teurff and Valerie Davis, created Texas Recycles Day and held it as a day to observe a special dedication to recycling in an effort to make the environment a more sustainable place. With their effort, they proposed the idea to the National Recycling Coalition, and the rest was history: America Recycles Day became a federal holiday. Even more, recycling has increased 7% since the 1960s, raising the recycling rate to 32%.

Large achievements are many small steps away. CyrusOne datacenters have taken their steps with AIT. Electronic Recycling in an effort to create large-scale change. With more than 50 data centers in North America and more around the globe, CyrusOne has chosen to proceed with an ongoing partnership with AIT.


Our brief Q & A highlights some of the benefits of an e-waste recycling partnership.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing an ongoing electronic recycling partnership?

A: An ongoing partnership with AIT means specialized attention to detail. In addition to receiving customized
intake forms best suited to the needs of you and your team, we offer customized plans and logistic services
with a maximum 24-hour turnaround time for around-the-clock electronic recycling coverage for any
locations nationwide.

Q: Will data or assets be sold without me knowing if I recycle my electronics?

A: AIT deeply values the partnerships we have made with our clients. We create a binding work proposal,
made specifically to fit the needs of you and your team, at your request. Proposals serve as the prerequisite
for our services to our clients. As experienced electronic recycling professionals with over 20+ years of
experience and retaining 500 of Fortune 1000 companies, we are dedicated to upholding a high standard of
service that takes the security of your team’s data into account before anything else.

Q: How can an e-waste partnership benefit my company?

A: As an innovator of the data center industry and with more than 40 enterprise-class facilities in three
continents, CyrusOne has recognized the benefits of choosing a trusted electronic recycling veteran. AIT offers
a 24-hour turnaround time for any correspondence and we always answer the phone. We offer multiple
options for data destruction including on-site shredding, off-site shredding and custom options for industries
requiring HIPAA compliance or absolute data security for financial institutions (we handle that too!)
Additionally, AIT offers an entire IT and ecommerce team at your service that is dedicated to refurbishing and
reselling your recycled electronics by request. The end result is a circulation of profit on end-of-life electronics.

AIT values all of its clients and upholds the importance of each and every partnership as a conscious effort to
move into a more sustainable world. We would like to thank our partner, CyrusOne, who helps us achieve that
goal a little more each day.
Happy recycling!
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